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SWF2Saver 2.0

Last modified: 02-24-2011@21:32 | Downloads: 1483 | Page views: 9434
SWF2Saver 2.0
Convert your Flash content into Macintosh OSX or Windows standalone screensavers with customizable installer. Over 80 ActionScript commands...

- Output 100% Standalone Screensavers! User does not need to have Flash installed.
- Output customizable installers for your screen savers.
- Include an optional Read Me text file to display in the instaler.
- Include an optional License text file to display in the installer with Agree and Disagree buttons.
- Flash 9 Player compatible.
- Ability to specify a date when your screen saver will expire.
- Ability to specify a number of days when your screen saver wil expire after it is first run.
- Add your own custom message to display when your screen saver expires.
- Synchronous communication between the screensaver and the Operating System (requires Adobe/Macromedia Flash 8/9)
- Add over 80 ActionScript commands to communicate with the Operating System using the SWF2Saver ActionScript API (requires Adobe/Macromedia Flash 8/9)
- Save project files so you can save your work to allow you to make changes to an existing screen saver over time.
- Make unlimited number of screen savers.