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Action Script Viewer, ASV 2017/09.14

Last modified: 09-14-2017@01:07 | Downloads: 45608 | Page views: 106088
Action Script Viewer, ASV  2017/09.14
Action Script Viewer (ASV) is a SWF (Flash) decompiler, a Win32 application which mainly lets you see the actionscripts in SWF (Flash movie) files, lets you extract resources (bitmaps, sounds, videos, fonts,...) from SWF files,

Main features:

• All symbols, all layers or any selection in the timeline can be saved as a SWF file.
• All sounds and bitmaps can be extracted as JPG/PNG/WAV/MP3 files.
• SWF version 3, 4, 5, MX and MX 2004, 8 fully supported.
• ASV can now save a Font symbol with an export ID.
• Extract outlines of graphic symbols (no fills) as Flash MX actionscript and as a .SVG file.
• Extract glyphs of font symbols as Flash MX actionscript.
• Support for linked video symbols, device sounds etc.
• Ability to edit actionscript constants
• Multiple SWF files and SWF files embedded in EXE projectors can be opened.
• With the new 'Run Menu', now you can easily define and run external applications.
• ASV can show actionscripts as p-code too.
• Simple movie information like width, height, framerate can be modified.
• extract MP3 files wrapped in WAV/RIFF tags.

For the complete list of features, please visit the products' official website!