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iSpring QuizMaker 5.7

Last modified: 05-12-2011@21:14 | Downloads: 461 | Page views: 7598
iSpring QuizMaker 5.7
Effective way to create Flash quizzes and tests. Get real measurements of knowledge transfer and comprehension. iSpring-created quizzes can be simply incorporated with e-learning presentations, embedded into web pages....

Become a quiz master in minutes with these powerful yet intuitive quiz-creating features of iSpring QuizMaker. You\'ll enjoy your new opportunity to create quizzes in universally viewable Flash format easily distributable to all your quiz takers.

- Quiz Authoring
- 10 different question types
- Video, audio or image to a question
- Shuffled questions and answers
- Question pools new
- Custom feedback based on user\'s result
- Quiz preloader
- Multimedia resources compression
- Instant preview before publishing
- Delivery and Tracking
- SCORM/AICC compliant content creation
- Sharing & tracking at iSpring Online LMS
- Content creation specially for BlackBoard LMS
- Learning Metrics Control
- Testing time limit
- Single Flash (.SWF) file output
- .EXE file - no Flash player required
- Sending via email