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Flash toolsets

Flash toolsets. Many useful Flash tools packed into one!

AuroraFlash Free Site Builder 2

Last modified: 10-12-2009 | category: toolsets | dload#: 8331 | type: freeware
AuroraFlash Free Site Builder 2
AuroraFlash site builder is your desktop flash WYSIWYG editor allowing to build flash websites without any special skills, additional software of flash animation knowledge.

Flash EXE Builder 1.29

Last modified: 02-01-2012 | category: toolsets | dload#: 481 | type: free to try
Flash EXE Builder 1.29
Convert Flash SWF into an executable EXE file. Create professional Windows application from .SWF files. Choose various Window skins and styles, add splash screen, customizable context menu, etc.

Flash Toolset 2.0

Last modified: 07-09-2003 | category: toolsets | dload#: 4091 | type: free to try
Flash Toolset 2.0 delivers new features, as well as updated versions of all the tools available in Flash Toolset 1.1. It is available in Personal and Professional edition.

Sparkle Flash Keeper 3.0

Last modified: 06-12-2004 | category: toolsets | dload#: 6842 | type: free to try
Sparkle Flash Keeper 3.0
Sparkle Media released FlashKeeper 3.0. Browse and preview flash files on your local computer and local area network. Capture and categorize flash movies from websites, build screensavers, batch convert swf into projector, and more...

Wildform Flair 5.1

Last modified: 01-12-2010 | category: presentations | dload#: 3002 | type: demo
Wildform Flair 5.1
Easily create Flash and video presentations, convert PowerPoint to Flash, record on-screen activity, author demos, tutorials and simulations and generate LMS compliant quizzes.

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